"... the nicest Split Window Kombi we've had the pleasure to be involved with ..... and we've seen a few."
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Kombi Weddings '62 Splitscreen Refurbishment

We are often asked about our Kombis, the restoration process and where we found them.

This Kombi was assembled in Australia and has lived all of its life in Canberra where we found it a couple of years ago. It had been stored in a garage by its original owner for 34 years until it was discovered in 2008 and has only 78,000 miles on the clock. Since its arrival, we've scoured Australia, the USA, UK and Germany to find genuine parts necessary to re-build it.

During restoration of the body, the parts were fitted and then removed prior to it being primed and then fitted again. This is important as the paint fills in all the gaps and guards against possible future rust.

A brand new 1776cc engine has been built and installed by Andrew Dodd Automotive.

We've also installed IRS suspension and power assisted disc brakes.

The next step was the exterior paint job in original VW colours of Sealing Wax Red and Chestnut Brown.

It was shipped to Victoria for the interior to be re-built by Busnbug the Volkswagon Trimming Specialists.

The final step was for the Kombi to be engineer certified and registered.