Wet weather wedding

If the weather forecast isn’t looking favourable for a wedding, my obsessive rituals begin about a week before. On behalf of my brides, I begin fretting. I start by checking the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website for the week’s forecast. The day before the wedding, I make sure each kombi is armed with umbrellas (in the hope that Murphy’s Law will prevail). I keep checking the BOM website and then continually peer and frown at the clouds, willing them to disperse. 

Despite my best intentions, sometimes it does rain, so here are some tips.  

  1. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, you will need a plan B. Some venues have an indoor chapel or an indoor area where you can be married.
  2. Make sure you have a good photographer who will know exactly what to do and you will still get those great shots. Some of the best shots are taken in the rain. 
  3. You will probably need a little extra hairspray to counter the humidity. 

And if it does rain? Remember that water promotes growth and often brings people closer together. Enjoy the moment and then look for the rainbow!  

 McKay Photography

McKay Photography