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KOMBI WEDDINGS is the premier kombi wedding car transport hire service in Sydney. We are committed to excellence and do not compromise on quality. We have been recognised for our award winning kombis and award winning service. For your peace of mind, we own and maintain our own kombis. We are not a booking agent as we prefer to maintain an excellent standard for you. 

We love what we do and sharing the magic the kombis bring. For us, there is nothing better than seeing our bride and groom enjoying the ride and literally buzzing with happiness! 

We're based on the northern beaches and service metropolitan Sydney. 

We hope you'll come and visit us at one of the wedding expos or bridal fairs, or you can email us if you'd like to use one of our kombis for your wedding car. 

We look forward to welcoming you!
Wendy & Stephen, KOMBI WEDDINGS


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Hi It’s Ronny from Creek Street Photography - just wanted to say big thank you for all the great times we have worked together. You guys will do anything for a great photo and that bride and grooms have the time of their life. Wendy and Stephen you are the best!
— Creek Street Photography - via Facebook
 the classic kombi shot of Dani and Ben is by James Billing Photography

the classic kombi shot of Dani and Ben is by James Billing Photography

Kombi Weddings provide stylish transport + w/ extras on-board like umbrellas (not that you should ever need them!) + a sewing kit (just in-case) they are a team well prepared w/ attention to detail + professionalism that is hard to beat!

We love their work. They safely transported the beautiful bride Natalie to her groom Scott + happy couple tied the knot at the weekend surrounded by over 100 family + friends.
— Cloud 9 Event Management | via Facebook
It was so lovely to see the Bridal party arrive at the ceremony singing and giggling to some funky tunes. Wendy, you are a gem and add such a special touch to the wedding! It was so lovely to meet you and the gorgeous vans today....hope to see you singing soon.

Melissa conducted Jessica & Dan’s wedding at Bradley’s Head
— Melissa Soncini, Sydney Marriage Celebrant | via Facebook